Simple home automation solutions.


Everything is connected nowadays. It’s called the internet of things (IOT). You can speak to your sink and pour a glass of water or fill a pitcher. Your home has ballooned from only a handful of networked devices in the 90’s to 100’s of them today. We are here to help. We focus from the Network on down to the end user experience. When you pick up your remote or approach a touch screen you are in complete control. Home automation now is even a part of your Security System. We can pre program lights to flash, shades to open and close. Your garage can be closed remotely, your doors can be locked to your home from anywhere. You can even have your TV’s and music to start or stop on a schedule decreasing the likelihood that an intruder will suspect you are not home.

Home Automation also gives you the benefit of presetting your routines. With Scenes the lights can come on or go off at any level or speed, the music or TV can come on to your favorite station morning, noon, or night. You can even bring the shades up or down, open or close the black outs depending on the position of the sun. You can even allow the client control to make decisions on temperature based on occupancy or just set it where you like it throughout the day. It’s all connected and we have you covered.

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